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1.57sThere we are.
3.07sThat's it. I'm telling Brian he has to rein Dylan in once and for all.
1.6sHey, where is Brian, anyway?
1.33sOh, thanks, Lois.
4.4sDylan put this paper bag on my head and I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to get it off.
1.43sThat kid's a sociopath.
1.9sWell, it's time you laid down the law with him.
1.33sI couldn't agree more.
2.67sI am gonna kick him out of this house faster than NASA kicked out the Cocoa Puffs bird.
2.4sOkay, your physical exam was within range.
1.57sYou aced the flight simulator.
2.24sI guess all that's left is the psychological screening.
2.07sOkay. How do you feel about this?
2.27sOh, my God, Cocoa Puffs. No, that's not me anymore.
1.03sI'm just here to fly, sir.
2.33sAll right, Dylan. You know what? This isn't working out.