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1.7sStewie, why are you nude?
4.14sOh, just a little something I do once a week around here called a naked tea party.
3.9sGot my teacup here. Now all I need is a tea bag.
1.63sThat's something that interests you, my friend?
2.17sDYLAN: You're weird. Yeah, and you're attractive.
1.27sNow take your fucking pants off!
2.14sDYLAN: I'm out of here.
1.7sSTEWIE: Did you see that, Rupert?
5.6sHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds, starring Stewie Griffin, huh? Gee whiz.
1.53sHey, Lois, is the air conditioning on?
2.1sI just woke up from a nap and I feel drafty.
1.8sPeter, we don't have air conditioning.
2.33sWell, that's awful peculiar.
2.34s(GASPS) Oh, my God. Peter, look.
4.24sOh, damn it, Dylan. What the hell? Well, thank God I'm full of Play-Doh.