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1.27sDid you hear that, Lois?
1.93sNow we know what to get him for Christmas.
1.9sI love the holidays.
2.3sBrian, you have got to get Dylan under control.
1.74sHe's terrorizing the whole family.
2.4sYeah, you wouldn't believe what he did to Meg yesterday.
5.71sHe made her watch the other 178 hours of Monty Python stuff that isn't funny or memorable.
3.8sMAN ON TV: I have a pet hedgehog named Zippy, and I shall walk her to town,
5.17sand each time my foot hits the ground, I shall say, "Boing, boing, boing."
4.27sI'm a girl! I don't even like the good Monty Python sketches.
1.9sDon't worry, I got it under control, Lois.
1.43sI'm monitoring Dylan from here on Stewie's baby monitor.
2.37sSTEWIE: Hey, Dylan. Hey, come on in here for a sec.
1.7sStewie, why are you nude?
4.14sOh, just a little something I do once a week around here called a naked tea party.
3.9sGot my teacup here. Now all I need is a tea bag.
1.63sThat's something that interests you, my friend?
2.17sDYLAN: You're weird. Yeah, and you're attractive.
1.27sNow take your fucking pants off!