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3.64sWell, we can't just turn him away, Brian. After all, he is family.
2.2sI don't know. Where's he gonna sleep?
3.8sHe could sleep in Stewie's room. Would you like that, sweetie?
2.94sNo, my pants just got shorter 'cause I hated the idea.
3.54sAnd this is Chris. Chris, this is my son, Dylan.
0.87sHi, Dylan.
2sAll this stuff in here is mine now.
4.27sOh. Well, okay, but be careful opening the closet,
2.07s'cause that's where the evil monkey lives.
4.07sYay! I haven't been in my closet for years!
2.6sBoy, there is a lot of feces in here.
1.1sSomething on your mind, son?
2.27sShut up, dude. You're just a fat old bastard.
3.47sWell, not to get technical, sir, but you are the bastard.