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2.2sKind of thought this was a team effort. Yeah, yeah.
2.47sReally, really glad I risked my life and everything.
2.84sYeah, you're, like, five minutes from gone and you leave with that?
3.34sYeah. You know, it's like cutting a huge fart and then walking out of the room.
3.1sAnd that's how we'll remember you, as a big fart.
1.74sGoodbye, big fart.
2.8sSo, Dylan, shouldn't you be in school?
1.03sI don't know.
1.8s- It's Wednesday. - Up yours!
1.97sNice kid. Say, Brian, now that I think about it,
4.34show can you possibly have a 13-year-old son when you yourself are only seven?
1.23sWell, those are dog years.
1.2sThat doesn't make any sense.
1.2sYou know what, Stewie? If you don't like it,
1.5sgo on the Internet and complain.
2.2sIt was awful. That kid was a complete thug.
1.83sI'm telling you, I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
3.07sBoy, Brian, you dodged a bullet not having to raise that kid.
4.37sYour life would have been more miserable than a lonely old widow living in a downstairs apartment.