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3.84sFrom the look of those toenails, I bet it's that little Lamisil monster.
2.74sBrian, this is Dylan. He's
1.23syour son.
3.9sOh, no way! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
3.04sGosh, this is a lovely home, Tracy.
4.27sThat's so weird. It smells like there's a cat, but I bet there's no cat.
2.9sI've wanted you to meet Dylan for a long time, Brian.
2.97sWell, Brian, a son. How about that?
3.7sMy God, this is more uncomfortable than the goodbye in The Wizard of Oz.
1.03sGoodbye, Tin Man.
1.4sGoodbye, Dorothy.
0.97sGoodbye, Lion.
1.77sGoodbye, Dorothy.
2.67sI think I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.
2.2sOh, okay. That's kind of an odd thing to say.
2.4sYeah, sort of a weird comment right in front of all of us.
2.2sKind of thought this was a team effort. Yeah, yeah.
2.47sReally, really glad I risked my life and everything.
2.84sYeah, you're, like, five minutes from gone and you leave with that?