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1.94sand I wish that you would get a heart attack.
1.2sI totally feel you, man.
2.7sTruth of the matter is, I don't like my movies either,
1.87sbut, man, they just keep offering me money,
1.84sand I do it, and then I get to go around the world.
1.9sI mean, did you see Sahara?
6.17s(LAUGHS) I tell you what the movie gave me was an opportunity to take an Airstream all across the country and sell that picture one person at a time.
1.23sYou suck donkey ass.
1.44sNow you can't prove that.
1.43sThat was so humiliating!
3.17sI mean, look at all the stuff I put myself through just to get laid.
2.8sDon't worry, my friend. One day you'll find your soul mate.
3.04sThe sad thing is, I already did, years ago.
1.43sTracy Flannigan.
2.73sShe was the greatest girl I ever met, and I blew it.
1s(YAWNS) You should look her up.
1.03sAm I boring you?