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2.03sAfter that, everything else was awful.
2.13sContact, they didn't even need you in that movie.
1.3sThey could have done the whole movie without you.
1.93sI know. I said the same thing, but they were just, like,
6.07s"Oh, we need a good-looking guy with a great ass and some tight abs "to just provide some down-home enthusiasm in this picture.
1.73s"Something to counterbalance Jodie Foster."
3.57sThey took her to be slightly cold, unapproachable, do you know?
2.13sSo they put me in there. I said it didn't make any sense.
2.7sSaid the same thing about that Bill Murray elephant movie,
3.1sbut they were just, like, "Oh, the audiences need you."
1.87sYou make me physically sick to my stomach,
1.94sand I wish that you would get a heart attack.
1.2sI totally feel you, man.
2.7sTruth of the matter is, I don't like my movies either,
1.87sbut, man, they just keep offering me money,
1.84sand I do it, and then I get to go around the world.
1.9sI mean, did you see Sahara?
6.17s(LAUGHS) I tell you what the movie gave me was an opportunity to take an Airstream all across the country and sell that picture one person at a time.
1.23sYou suck donkey ass.
1.44sNow you can't prove that.
1.43sThat was so humiliating!
3.17sI mean, look at all the stuff I put myself through just to get laid.