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3.24sCan't be my pointy teeth, 'cause those are all the way up here.
2.84sI'll let you in on a little secret.
1.67s(WHISPERS) Happy Halloween.
2.23sOkay, kids, it's time for the magic show.
3.64sHow about a big round of applause for The Amazing Brian?
2.87sI can't believe I agreed to four costume changes.
3.07sWho am I kidding? I insisted on it.
4.34sBrian, thanks so much for doing this. Paul and I are so excited to see your act.
1.54sOh, thank... Wait. What?
1.63sPaul, my boyfriend.
1.03sPaul, this is Brian.
1.7sBoyfriend? Oh, come on!
1.6sI paid $800 for all this crap! You have a boyfriend?
2.2sYeah. And I'm a great guy. I'm unemployed,
1.9sbut that makes her feel useful in the relationship.
1.13sI'm gonna fix him.
2sOur relationship will do fine on that basis.
1.77sIf he had his shit together, I wouldn't be into it.
1.67sBut I don't. God! I am so sick of this crap!
1.2sIs this the show?
3.1sYou know what? The hell with both of you! I'm out of here!
4.17sAre we doing this thing or what? Brian? Brian?