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2.34sand you can stop acting like such a jackass.
1.64sSo that's what this is all about, huh?
3.64sI must say, you have been a little insufferable lately, Brian.
2.3sWe just want the old you back, that's all.
3.9sLook. All right. Okay, maybe I have been acting different lately, all right?
5.51sBut that's only because I've truly connected with the one bit of flesh and blood that I have on this earth.
3.07sAnd I have no intention of giving that up.
1.37sWho wants a half and half?
1.77sI'll throw my hat into that ring.
3.2sWait a minute, Dad. I think maybe I should go with her.
2.24sWhat? Dylan, why?
3.27sLook at her. She needs me, a lot more than you do.
2.74sBut we were just starting to make a real connection.
3.7sListen, I'll always be grateful to you for turning my life around,
1.57sbut now, thanks to you,
5.41sI finally have a chance to transform my mom's life in the same way you transformed mine.
4.17sWow. You know, I guess a dad couldn't ask for more than that.
1.73sI'm proud of you, Dylan.