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3.7sThat good enough? Gold bread good enough for your Dylan?
3.64sHey, everybody! Look who's back to pick up her son.
1.9sThis isn't The Price Is Right.
2.57sYou said we were going to The Price Is Right.
1.17sPeter, what the hell is this?
1.47sMom, what are you doing here?
4.14sTracy wants Dylan back. Don't you want Dylan back, Tracy?
3.5sWhat a joyous family reunion. Isn't this great, Brian?
1.57sNow Dylan can go back with his mom,
2.34sand you can stop acting like such a jackass.
1.64sSo that's what this is all about, huh?
3.64sI must say, you have been a little insufferable lately, Brian.
2.3sWe just want the old you back, that's all.
3.9sLook. All right. Okay, maybe I have been acting different lately, all right?
5.51sBut that's only because I've truly connected with the one bit of flesh and blood that I have on this earth.
3.07sAnd I have no intention of giving that up.