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1.97sWell, wait a minute, Peter. Maybe that's the answer.
1.73sYou just got to get his mother to take him back.
1.27sHow the hell am I supposed to do that?
1.6sShe's an idiot redneck, Peter.
3.37sTricking her should be easier than escaping from Canadian Alcatraz.
1.23sCan I go out through here?
2.4s- Just be back by bedtime. - Okay.
2.14sLunch is ready, everyone.
1.53sWhoa, whoa, whoa. Lois, Lois. This is...
1.77s- This is white bread. - Yeah. So?
1.83sWell, don't we have any of that whole-grain stuff?
1.6sNo. This was cheaper.
2.5sI just... I just... I don't want Dylan eating white bread.
2.53sBrian, there's nothing wrong with it. Our kids eat...
2.97s(SOFTLY) Lois, Lois, I do not want Dylan eating white bread.
1.94sBrian, I promise you, it's fine.
1.1sLois. Lois, Lois.
2.43sI will decide what is best for my child, all right?
1.37sLook, will you take it easy?
3.94sAnd, and, I do not want to have this conversation in front of my son.
3.34sOkay, you know what? That's it, Brian. Feed him whatever you want.
2.1sTell you what. Go up to my jewelry box,
3.8stake my gold jewelry, melt it down, make it into bread and feed him that.
3.7sThat good enough? Gold bread good enough for your Dylan?