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4.4sWell, you know what? Extra, extra, read all about it.
2.54sIce cream for Dylan tonight.
3sPeter, your dog is giving me diabetes.
4.04sI'm telling you, Joe, he's as annoying as mosquitoes in the summertime.
4.4sCan I come in there with you? There's light in there.
1.13sNo. Go away.
2.04sCan I please come in?
2.67sYou have juice, and I want to sit in it.
1.54sShoo! Get lost.
1.83sHi, Dad. Chris, close the door, there's a...
2.44sOh, it's much nicer in here.
1.93sI'm gonna float around for a while,
4.44sthen stick my needle in your shoulder fat while you sleep.
2.17sI tell you, I wish that old hag of Brian's had never even told him he had a kid.
1.97sWell, wait a minute, Peter. Maybe that's the answer.
1.73sYou just got to get his mother to take him back.
1.27sHow the hell am I supposed to do that?
1.6sShe's an idiot redneck, Peter.
3.37sTricking her should be easier than escaping from Canadian Alcatraz.
1.23sCan I go out through here?