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3.4sFat Woman Bending Over Tending to Her Garden in Big, Polka-Dotted Bloomers.
2.64sMost of this stuff is priced to move, and until it does,
1.43sit's an enormous fire hazard,
2.3sso please come see me, on Route 2 in Weekapaug.
2.34sLook for the Sort-of Ben and Jerry's Cow out front!
3.67sWe interrupt this program to bring you grim news out of LaGuardia Airport,
3.07swhere a 767 has been forced to make a crash landing.
2sOh, man, I tell you, now that I'm a parent, I can't even watch stories like that.
1.8sI just think, you know, I just think,
2.37s"Oh, my God, what if Dylan were on that plane?"
1.9sOh, my God, I just don't know what I would do.
1.1sI don't know what I would do.
1.93sYeah, yeah, I understand. That'd be tough.
2.64sOh, no. Oh, no. No, no. No, no, no. Quagmire, no.
3.77sYou do not understand. Until you have a child...
4.07sUntil you have a child, you do not understand.
1.43s- Okay? - Jesus.
2.13sIt's been like this all week. Watch this.
2.7sHey, Brian, what would you do if Dylan fell out a window?
2.27sOh, my God. Oh, my God! I don't even want to think about that.
2.8sI don't even want to think about that. Oh, God. Oh, my God. Oh, no.
1.83sBrian, what would you do if Dylan was in a fire?
1.97sOh, my God. Oh, no. Oh, my God. Oh, that's...
2.63sOh, God. Oh, no, no, no. Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood.