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1.47s- Bye, Mom. - Bye!
2.13sAll right, kids. Have a good day at school.
2.54sHey, Dylan. Have a great day at school.
2.17sThanks, Dad. Hey. Knock, knock.
1.03sWho's there?
1.3sYou're there.
1.8sI'll always be there, Dylan.
1.33sHey. Knock, knock.
1.13sWho's there?
1.5sDanny Zuko.
3.27s(LAUGHS) Come on! The audition's not till 3:00. Don't jinx it.
1.13sYou know, Brian,
1.97sDylan could have just carpooled with me and the kids.
4.44sOh, Lois, Dylan is very special to me and...
2.54sWell, didn't you just get a ticket for running a red light?
1.9sYeah, like, six years ago.
5.27sAnd I got that ticket because I got distracted 'cause you were leaning out the window, barking at a cow.
2.14sSo you admit you ran the red light?
1.17sFuck you.
3.3sWhoa! Not the kind of language I want Dylan exposed to.
1.93sHave fun with your dead kids, reckless driver.