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3.7sWe just spliced in some home movies. What do you think?
3.69sWell, I'd rather reserve judgment until I-- Oh, my God!
0.75sI'll mace you good!
3.1sThat is completely taken out of context!
4.55sWhy you little--
2.89sOur children aren't safe with that monster!
2.09sYeah, keep away from him, Milhouse!
2.52sYou too, Ralphie. You're out of that day care center.
3.29sOh! My polite indignation knows no bounds!
2.29sNo! No!
2.57sNo one is taking my kids from me!
2.94sRun, children, run!
2.22sCome back here with my young'un!