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1.07sThat's football, right?
2sWell, I'm gonna take the Broncos in this game,
3.1s'cause the Packers will be blinded by Jerry's tie.
2.17sI'm more worried about Al's jacket.
2.67sHow many stations can you get on that thing?
2.82sAll right. Listen. I am sick of your jokes about the wardrobe!
3sYou people can dress yourselves!
2.53sWell, folks, he's got a point.
4.07sUh, with all our unscripted horseplay, we sometimes don't think about--
1.95sLenny, are you watching this?
3.2s- Yeah. They really hurt that guy's feelings. - I know!
0.67sReady for the circus, Homer?
3.87sThe Cirque de Purée. We've had tickets since Septembre.
1.87sBut I want to watch Brett Favre!