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2.1sPeter, what exactly did they inject you with?
4.07sAll sorts of things. Hepatitis vaccine, a couple of steroids, the gay gene,
1.83scalcium, a vitamin B extract.
1.87s- What did you just say? - The gay gene.
4.5sI assume that's the one you meant, even though it wasn't literally the last thing I said when you said, "What did you just say?"
1.77sIt's just that clearly it was the most unusual.
5.27sYes, that's the one I meant. Peter, are you gay?
5.24sDid anybody see that absolutely fabulous piece on Fiji in yesterday's travel section?
3.5s(SIGHS) I wish I was Beyonce.
3.67sPeter, I think maybe you should go back and have that doctor undo whatever he did.
1.3sI mean, you're not gay.
4.94s(STEWIE MUTTERING) What? I said homosexuality is wrong.