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2.8sAnd it says they'll pay handsomely. This is perfect.
2.6sNow I won't have to take that job as Matt Damon's neck.
2.97sHey, Matt. Matt.
3.67sHey, is this another one of those movies where you're an educated Boston street tough?
1.9sI don't have to take that crap from you, neck.
3.47sYou have to, my friend. I'm your neck. What are you gonna do, choke me?
1.93sYou'll die. You'll die if you do that.
2.07sCan somebody from Wardrobe get me a scarf?
3.27sI'm still gonna... I'll just talk louder.
2sBen Affleck married Jennifer Garner,
2.97sbut you married a bartender with a kid.
1.7sThese are facts.
1.23sSo what do I gotta do, Doc?
1.57sYou don't have to do anything, Mr. Griffin.
3sWe're isolating and studying the effects of various types of genes.
3.7sWe're just going to give you a series of experimental injections and record the results.
2.8s- What's this one? - We call this the squirrel gene.
3.07sIts effects will become apparent shortly.