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3.54sAnd through our carefully structured program, you will succeed.
2.77sAll right, men. This is Harry the Homosexual.
1.17sSay hi to everyone, Harry.
1.03sHi, fellas.
2.14sI sure do love being gay.
3.94sHarry's choice of lifestyle is wrong. So we're gonna beat him up for it.
2.3sNow, take these baseball bats and get to it.
6.07s(HARRY GASPING) All right. Good so far. No, no, no, don't use the bats like that!
1.9sNo, no. Don't use them like that, either!
2.9sAll right, look. Just put them down and use your fists.
3.07sNo, no, no, not like that!
3.34sAll right. This next exercise will train you to talk like a straight man.
4.04sPeter, we'll start with you. Repeat every word I say exactly as I say it.
1.97sTonight me and my friends, Paulie and Matty,
2.24sare going out to drink a ton of beers.
4.2sTonight my friends and I are going out, but we're not drinking because those are empty calories.
3.84sThen we'll play full contact football in the park with no pads or helmets.