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3.45sWhen will man learn that all races...
2.67sare equally inferior to robots?
3.9sAh, here we are-- the worst player in history.
3.94sIf I can be just a little better than him, I can slink away with my head held high.
4.3sIt says he once struck out when his tongue got stuck to an unusually cold bat.
2.38sAnd here he is trying to make a catch with an oven mitt.
2.17sIt's even a crummy hologram.
3.7sI'm not a hologram, though I am crummy. Hank Aaron XXIV.
5sHank Aaron XXIV? How could you play so blowfully? The original Hank Aaron was great.
4sNo, I was better than great. I was the home run king.
1.78sSo, Hank-- the bad Hank--
3.77sjust how blowful were you? Well, I had a low batting average.
5.09sLow? It was zero, you fungo. You went your whole career without getting a hit.
3.24sLeela can beat that. She's pitched her whole career without getting an out.
2.6sYou stink, lady!
3.17sHey, junior. She belongs in the exhibit instead of you.