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1.77sYou're the best, babe.
2.22sHang on. Call comin' in. What's that?
4.57sHey, you put a one and two zeroes in front of that, or we pass! Deal!
3.72sSo what did you get me? A thousand and one pesos.
3.99sYo soy muy malo en lonzar.
4.04sPerro yo soy muy bueno en comare frijoles.
4.94sCome los Bean-Bay frijoles, los frijoles de los reyes.
3.97sCut! Okay, now do one with the bean suit on.
2.45sLeela really bringin' in the customers.
3.52sThis keep up, we need to buy second sauce toilet.
4.37sWhen I grow up, I want to injure men by throwing stuff at them, just like you, Leela.
1.69sWill you sign my magazine?
2.28sAw, sure thing, sweetie.
0.46sWho should I make it out to?
3.88sWell, uh, to eBay.