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3.44sAw, don't cry, foreign people. I used to work in a pizzeria,
2.47sand as soon as I stop hallucinating and blasting puke,
2.63sI'm gonna teach you to sell pizza, Earth-style.
3.04sOh, thank you, magic biped!
2.27sYou save us-a, sir.
3.6sIf we cannot-a make-a Earth-a pizza, our dream-a will die,
3.69sjust like rats we crush to make the wine.
3.27sFor starters, only use quality ingredients.
2.25sCase in point, no more live bees.
3.94sOregano works equally well. And when you put pizzas in the oven, don't get in with them.
2.17sHey! Occupato.
4.54sMost important of all is the big-screen tv.