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4.87sNow the bases are loaded! Isn't there a man on this team who can get one more out?
1.64sI can!
2.11sI repeat: Isn't there a man on this--
2.14sI've been training with Hank Aaron.
2.23sYou've been training with the Hank Aaron?
0.53sI've been training with a Hank Aaron.
2.61sAll right then.
5.29sGet in there and pitch like you've never pitched like you before!
3.62sNow pitching for the Mets, Turanga Leela!
0.82sBean! Bean!
0.49sBean! Bean!
1.8sYea, Leela!
2.6sGo, Leela! Put it right down the pike!
3.49sStrike him out, Leela! Do it for the hundreds of women everywhere!
4.09sBean! Bean! Bean! Bean! Your attention.
4.45sNow pinch-hitting for the Poindexters, jackie Anderson!
3.04sWill ya look at that?
3.74sCollege blernsball's finest female hitter making her big league debut...