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1.73sSometimes you just...
1.97sWhoa, that was close.
2.2sYeah, how'd that thing fall over?
2.4sOkay, who replaced my glasses with forks?
3.27sI mean, they're real good for seeing forks but not much else.
2.22sLOIS: Peter, can you come down to the laundry room?
1.03s(SIGHS) Son of a bitch.
1.6sIf she washed my belt again,
3.12sI am gonna hit her with my dry, withered belt.
2.79sWhat is it, Lois? I was watching...
3sWhoa, Lois, what the hell are you doing?
3.22sDo me, Peter, do me right here in the basement.
3.07sYou mean this room we're in or your bum?
3.17sNo, this room, Peter, right here on the carpet.
1.63sSo you want me to do you in the front.
1.67sJust get over here and kiss me.
3.17sLet's have sex on all the clean, folded laundry.
2.64sWow, Lois, I got to say, I like this new you.
1.27sI like it a lot.