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1.43sIt's dead.
2.08sAnd while I remind you I can't read yet,
1.99sI can only imagine Madeline would say,
3.8s"Take me out of this disgusting French hospital "and find me some real parents."
2.27s(GRUNTS IN PAIN) Paper cut!
1.42sA razor blade?
3.49sWho the hell uses a razor blade as a bookmark?
1.47sAll right, very funny, Stewie.
1.2sWhat? What do you mean, what?
2.3sYou replaced my Jack Daniels with flat Diet Coke.
1.2sNo, I didn't.
2.47sAnd you're noticing this at 8:20 in the morning?
2.17sWhat has happened to your life? Do you need to talk?
1.47sJust stay away from my booze!
1.02sIt wasn't me, Brian.
1.6sWell, if it wasn't you, who was it?