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3.3sPeter, I think Lois might be having a midlife crisis.
2.52sCome on, dudes! Who wants to hop in my wheels,
2.97sand head to the beach for some ultimate Frisbee?
2.32sYeah, Sheldon, I'm with you.
2.27sI can't... I can't do that.
1.22sHey, tweeps!
2.27sJK, I don't follow you, you're lame.
3.39sBut look who just got herself a sick new tat.
1.57sMEG: Oh, my God, Mom!
1.65sI know, I can't believe it either.
2.83sI guess one of my flaws is I'm just kind of brave.
1.58sNo, that's great actually,
3.1sbecause now anyone walking behind you will know that you had $60.
1.55sWow! That is awesome, Lois!
2.17sYour bum looks like an NBA guy's arm.
3.3sExcept it's not payin' someone to install a PlayStation in a car.
1.65sLois, you do know that's permanent?
3.34sGood. Then that means my ass is gonna look young forever.