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1.47s(GASPS) Oh, my God!
1.47sHappy birthday, Lois!
1.77sYou guys shouldn't have done this!
2.85sHey, anytime you can celebrate the end of someone's periods.
2.27sEveryone, everyone, I have something to say.
2.74s"To my dearest Lois on her birthday.
2s"What a journey we've had together.
2.64s"You know, life has a way of changing things.
7.44s"What were once two firm, impressive mountain peaks "have become a barren, strip-mined, muddy landslide "that droops ever downward.
8.71s"What were once pink and succulent rose petals "now take the form of the shredded, raggedy, blown-out end piece "of a practical joker's exploding cigar."
1.57sPeter, that's enough.
2.67s"Lois, you may not be the young filly you were when I met you,
6.24s"but you're still my reliable old plow horse "who's there each day to pull the plow, to help around the barn,
3.1s"and let the husband horse slap a batch into her now and then."