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4.52s(CHUCKLES) Yeah. I'm your mom's friend, Mrs. Robinson.
1.5sI don't... I don't get that.
1.33sIs that a reference to something?
1.3sUh, okay.
2.63sI'm, uh... Oh, I'm Stifler's Mom.
1.38sStill no idea.
2.05sOkay, just get your pants off, hon.
1.8sStop right there! Get away from her!
0.63sWho are you?
1.23sHow'd you get in here?
2.9sStep away from my wife, you acorn-penised beauty!
3.04sLook, I swear. Nothing happened. Just relax, old man.
1.33sOld man?
1.8sWhat, you think you're not gonna get old, you little bastard?
3s(GRUNTING) And, Lois, I've had enough of you, too!
2.17sNow, you come home and start acting your age!
2.03sNo, Peter. I don't want to act my age,
1.47sand you don't want that either.
2.57sOtherwise, you wouldn't have called me an old plow horse.
2.84sLook, I didn't mean to say that. I was a jerk.