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5.46sCome and knock on our door na na na na na na Um, Mr. Roper,
1.9sWhat's the holdup? Kiss my daughter already!
2.15sWait. I'm confused. Now, tell me, Fry--
2.49sWhich one of these ladies are you involved with?
4.07sNa na na na na na Captain, may I have a word with you?
1.3sIt's an emergency, sir.
1.98sCome back when it's a catastrophe.
2.67sOh, very well.
7.16sWell, with Zapp gone and my parents still here I suggest Fry give me a nice convincing kiss.
3.79sAh, now there's something we can all enjoy.
1.45s- Mmm. - Mmm.
1.83sSir, remember your course correction?