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1.75sDon't be a dog hot, woman.
1.23sYou know I can't.
1.77sNot after what happened.
4.44sNow limboing for the Earth team Hermes Conrad.
1.8sYou're my hero, Hermes!
2.07sI'm going to be just like you.
2.18sNo, boy, stop!
1.17sIt's too low!
1.92sYour backbone can't take it!
1.67sI'm just like Hermes!
0.82sI'm just like--
1.43sThere, there.
2sNow you don't have to limbo if you don't want.
1.77sIt doesn't make you any less of a man.
2.22sThough it did get me some action.
3.62sI like a man who's flexible.
1.23sYour attention, please.
6.91sAs captain of this vessel the terrible burden of naming a limbo contest winner is mine and mine alone.
2.34sShouldn't you be steering between the comets?
1.37sAnd the winner is--