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2.22sThat was the worst delivery ever.
2.77sYeah. I'm never going to another planet called Cannibalon.
1.7sMe, neither.
1.43sFood was good, though.
2.5sOh, great news, everyone.
1.48sShove it. We quit!
4.85sIn that case, I'll have to hire a new crew to go on our company vacation.
1.42sAll right! Whoo!
1.33sThis is great.
2.3sI haven't had time off since I was 21 through 24.
6.69sIt's just my way of thanking you for not reporting my countless violations of safety and minimum wage laws.
1.98sAw, you.
6.64sI've booked us all on the maiden voyage of the largest, most luxurious space cruise ship ever built.
1.18sThe Titanic.