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1.99sI guess you're an okay proto recombinator.
2.59sI've certainly seen worse ionic cell dioxination.
1.73sIfthis works, drinks are on me.
3.36sIf drinks are on you, you're gonna need a second mortgage on that tower.
1.49sI'm an alcoholic.
1.43sOpium addict.
2.49sAll right, okay, okay, okay, wrap it up,
1.59sYou guys are the fucking worst!
1.23sYour gods are a lie!
2.47sFuck you, fuck nature, and fuck trees!
1.19sYes! You did it! Yes!
1.7sHey, uh, how about that drink?
2.76sSure, I just need to go grab my wallet from inside my ship.
1.52sOh, is yourwallet in your ship?
1.49sThat's where the transporter is, too,
1.47sso why don't we come with?
3.23sIt's cool. I'll be back in a sec.
3.77sYou know how long a second can take in a microverse?
2.09sRun, Marty! That asshole's willing to risk...