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4.57sAnd i-i-it certainly can't be someone whose entire culture powers my brake lights!
2.47sGo, go, go!
2.33sOh, my god, Oh, god,
1.97sWhat are we gonna do now?
2.3sFEMALE VC)ICE: i am unable to destroy this army,
2.94sTo clarity, iam quite able to destroy this army,
2.59sbut you Wiii not permit it. Correct.
3.87sYou aiso refuse to authorize emotionai countermeasures.
2.4sIf you're talking about the melting ghost babies,
1.73syes, please, no more ofthat.
3.9si am currently constructing a security measure in compliance with your parameters.
3.09sBut i do want to say you are not making this easy,
1.7sYou know you're kind of a dick, right?
2.94sMy function is to keep Summer safe,
6.04snot keep Summer being, like, totally stoked about, like, the general vibe and stuff,