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1.93sUh, he's not gonna destroy your universe.
1.97sYou know, we -- we need it to start our car.
1.99sThat's what you used my universe for --
1.8sto run your car?
1.59sYeah, but don't flatter yourself.
3.44sThere's always AAA, you fucking cock sucker!
1.59sWhat's he doing? What's he crafting?
1.63sI can craft stuff, too, pal!
1.83sJust like I crafted your reality!
2.13sYou crafty son of a --
4.1sOw! I crafted the guy that created the planet you're standing on!
2.7sYeah, and I made the stars that became the carbon in your mother's ovaries!
1.63sI didn't ask to be born!
1.59sAll right, that's it! I'm out.
1.63sI-I'm gonna go into the wilderness,
2.94sand I'm gonna make a new life for myself among the tree people.
1.56sI-It can't be worse than this.
2.93sSure. Okay, Morty, Just be back before sundown or the tree people will eat you.
1.16sThat's a myth!
1.87sW-W-Why are you trying to start a myth?
1.56sIt's a prehistoric planet, Marty,
1.66sSomeone has to bring a little culture.
4.57sAnd i-i-it certainly can't be someone whose entire culture powers my brake lights!