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1.3sYou got to hang on tight, you know?
2.73sBecause she -- she -- she bucks pretty hard.
3.03sOoh, boy, what -- Oh, my god, no!
1.19s- Teenyverse. - Teenyverse.
1.9sCome on, come on, come on.
1.52sWhen I get out of this teenyverse,
1.8sI'm gonna smash it to pieces with you in it,
1.59sYeah, well, when I get out of this teenyverse,
3.43sI'm gonna get out of the surrounding miniverse and then the microverse around that, and guess what?
1.93sDon't make things worse, Rick!
1.93sUh, he's not gonna destroy your universe.
1.97sYou know, we -- we need it to start our car.
1.99sThat's what you used my universe for --
1.8sto run your car?
1.59sYeah, but don't flatter yourself.
3.44sThere's always AAA, you fucking cock sucker!
1.59sWhat's he doing? What's he crafting?
1.63sI can craft stuff, too, pal!
1.83sJust like I crafted your reality!
2.13sYou crafty son of a --
4.1sOw! I crafted the guy that created the planet you're standing on!
2.7sYeah, and I made the stars that became the carbon in your mother's ovaries!