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2.43sYou're talking about creating a planet of slaves.
1.49sTold you, Zeep.
1.8sOh, they won't be slaves.
2.03sThey'll work for each other and pay each other money.
5.06sThat just sounds like slavery with ex... tra... steps.
1.73s- What? - Wait a minute.
2.63sDid you create my universe? Is my universe a miniverse?
1.03sUh, teenyverse.
1.87sYou bastard!
1.99sMuch obliged.
2.66s- What the hell is happening? - This is healthy. Trust me.
1.8sYou're my battery, motherfucker!
1.23sThat's all you are.
1.93sI made you. Your microverse sucks!
2.09sAnd your miniverse is the size of a fucking lobster tank!
1.02sIt's wack!
1.99sAre they not really aliens?
2.26sNah, they're just a couple of crazy,
1.99swacky scientists, you know?
1.47sSo he made a universe,
1.66sand that guy is from that universe.
1sYou're my battery!
1.26sAnd that guy made a universe.
3.49sAnd that's the universe where I was barn,
2.16sWhere my father died.
6.67sWhere I couldn't make time for his funeral because I was working on my universe.