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3.87sZEEP: So remember -- A crank a day is not nearly enough.
1.66sCrank it,
2.73sI told them this means "peace among worlds."
1.37sHow hilarious is that?
1.59sRe-Really funny, Zeep.
4.47sHey, Zeep, the fake president of your fake world has something fake important to show you.
3.2sMAN: It's not much now,
1.99sbut once I learn to accelerate the temporal field,
8.3sI'll be able to interact with any sentient life that evolves and introduce them to the wonders of electricity via a pulley-based device I call a blooble yank.
2.16sBut what they won't know is --
1.9sYou'll be taking most of their energy.
1.37sYeah, yeah, yeah. I get it,
2.47sIt's show- ... time.
2.94sYou do realize this will make the flooble crank obsolete?
3.73sThis is wrong, Kyle. What you're doing is wrong,
2.33sYou're basically -- This is slavery.
2.43sYou're talking about creating a planet of slaves.
1.49sTold you, Zeep.
1.8sOh, they won't be slaves.
2.03sThey'll work for each other and pay each other money.