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1.16sOh, my god,
2.2sStay here, Hunter! No!
2.9sGod, no! Hunter!
2.06sFEMALE VOICE: All of you have loved ones.
1.59sA// can be returned,
2.56sA// can be taken away.
1.97sPlease step away from the vehicle,
2.3sKeep Summer safe.
2.73sAnd if you continue to turn your flooble cranks,
2.47sI will bring you other great alien advancements.
0.05sHey, lemme ask you something.
2.56sAny of your, uh, scientists working on anything new?
1.43sAll of them. That's their job.
2.43sYeah, yeah, yeah. But I mean, like, energy-wise.
2.33sAnyone working on, say, a little universe in a box?
2.06sHow do you know about that? It's top secret.
3.87sZEEP: So remember -- A crank a day is not nearly enough.
1.66sCrank it,
2.73sI told them this means "peace among worlds."
1.37sHow hilarious is that?
1.59sRe-Really funny, Zeep.
4.47sHey, Zeep, the fake president of your fake world has something fake important to show you.
3.2sMAN: It's not much now,
1.99sbut once I learn to accelerate the temporal field,