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1.56sIs it the quantum carburetor or something?
2.03s"Quantum carburetor"? Jesus, Marty,
3.9sYou can't just add a s[burpsl-- sci-fi word to a car word and hope it means something.
2.43sLooks like something's wrong with the microverse battery.
1.59sWe're gonna have to go inside.
1.52sUm, go inside what?
1.8sThe battery, Marty, Be right back, Summer.
1.47sStay put, don't touch any buttons,
2.94sand ignore all random thoughts that feel... spidery.
1.56sWait! You can't leave me here!
1.23sYou'll be fine.
1.49sShip, keep Summer safe.
2.13sFEMALE VOICE: Keep Summer safe.
1.52sMORTY: Ohh!
1.66sUgh. Wonderful.
1.99sHey, excuse me. Hello.
1.93sWhat, you think you're better than me?!
1.99sNobody's better than me!
1.19sHey! Hey!
1.87sAah! Aaaaah!
1.73s- Keep Summer safe. - Aaaaaaah!
1.16sHey, man, what the hell?!
1.73sThat was my daughter's pediatrician! Aah!