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2.03sD-Do you not see the hypocrisy here?
3.13sHoly crap. You're right, Marty, Hypocrisy!
1.76sSomewhere on this planet, there's gotta be an arrogant...
2.49sscientist prick on the verge of microverse technology,
2.13swhich would threaten to make Zeep's flooble cranks obsolete,
2.2sforcing Zeep to say microverses are bad,
2.8sat which point he'll realize what a hypocrite he's being.
2.43sHis people will go back to stomping on their gooble boxes,
2.56sand you and I will be on ice cream street, baby!
1.93sEating that motherfucking ice cream!
1.83sSlurping, slurping, slurping it up.
2.23sWh-Wh-Why are you making that face?
1.43sHoly shit!
4.03sIt's me. I've convinced the people ofthis planet that I'm a traveler from anotherworld.
1.99sYou don't think that's over- ... doing it a little?
2.13sI mean, you can achieve the same effect with a pair of --
2.13sNever mind. You know what? I shouldn't be so critical.
1.23sI'm an alien.
2.09sPlaces, please. We're about to land.