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6.4sbut inside that container is an infinite universe with a planet capable of generating massive amounts of power.
2.3sI call it a miniverse.
1.99sDumb Name.
0.17sExcuse me?
2.06sI mean, it's hard for us to comprehend all this.
3.83sWould it be possible for us to get some kind of tour of your miniverse from the inside?
1.56sThis isn't a fucking chocolate factory.
1.43sI don't have time.
4.44sDidn't you say time goes more slowly in the miniverse relative to the real world?
2.3sYes, Chris. Thanks for reminding me ofthat.
2.43sGreat President. All right, let's go.
2.09sHold on to something.
3.76sI put an unbounded vacuum inside a temporal field until a world developed.
7.1sI then introduced the people ofthis world to the wonders of electricity in the form of a device I call a flooble crank.
6.9sWhat they don't know is that 80% of every crank's energy output gets channeled out of the miniverse to be used by us,