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1.66sChris, I'm in the middle of something.
3.09sZeep, this is Rick -- The Alien.
1.8sRick The Alien.
1.93sRick The Alien...
1.59sReally? You're gonna pull that move?
1.7sl guided your entire civilization.
1.99sYour people have a holiday named Ricksgiving.
1.87sThey teach kids about me in school.
2.49sI dropped out of school. It's not for smart people.
1.87sOhhhh, snap!
1.83sListen to me, you arrogant little --
3.13sR-Rick was hoping to see your new energy source.
2.94sI think he could learn a lot from you, Zeep.
1.99sIt's hard for people to grasp,
6.4sbut inside that container is an infinite universe with a planet capable of generating massive amounts of power.
2.3sI call it a miniverse.