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1.76sFix it or it's your ass.
1.66sChris, I'm in the middle of something.
3.09sZeep, this is Rick -- The Alien.
1.8sRick The Alien.
1.93sRick The Alien...
1.59sReally? You're gonna pull that move?
1.7sl guided your entire civilization.
1.99sYour people have a holiday named Ricksgiving.
1.87sThey teach kids about me in school.
2.49sI dropped out of school. It's not for smart people.
1.87sOhhhh, snap!
1.83sListen to me, you arrogant little --
3.13sR-Rick was hoping to see your new energy source.
2.94sI think he could learn a lot from you, Zeep.
1.99sIt's hard for people to grasp,
6.4sbut inside that container is an infinite universe with a planet capable of generating massive amounts of power.
2.3sI call it a miniverse.
1.99sDumb Name.
0.17sExcuse me?
2.06sI mean, it's hard for us to comprehend all this.
3.83sWould it be possible for us to get some kind of tour of your miniverse from the inside?
1.56sThis isn't a fucking chocolate factory.