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1.93sRick, our alien friend.
4.37sUh, Mr. President, um, couldn't help but notice that you were having problems generating power.
2.4sThat's correct. We've evolved.
3.2sOur most brilliant scientist, Zeep Xanflorp,
4.73shas developed a source of energy that makes gooble boxes obsolete.
1.83sI would love to see it,
2.37s- Fuck You. - What did you say to me?!
1.43s"Fuck You."
2.76sY-You told me it means "much obliged."
2.99sOh, Right. Uh, b-blow me.
1.73sNo, no, no. Blow me.
4.06sZeep, you have an honored guest from beyond the stars.
2.56sI said 12 quantum stabilizers, not ll,
1.76sFix it or it's your ass.