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2.2swhich, when stomped on, generates electricity,
2.09spowering our homes and businesses,
6.33simproving our daily lives, while safely removing the dangerous waste power to a special disposal volcano.
1.52sBut why has Rick returned?
2.59sAnd what will he say when he hears the big news?
1.56sLet's find out.
2.33sYou need to tell these people they're in a battery, Rick.
2.26sIt's messed up, There's caterers down there.
2.03sTh-Th-They're setting up chafing dishes.
1.3sWould you relax, Marty?
1.76sThere's nothing dishonest about what we're doing.
2.26sNow slap on these antennae. They need to think we're aliens.
1.34sWhat? Why?
1.66sSh-- Obviously --
2.49sYou really know nothing about car repair.
1.97sWait for the ramp, Marty,
1.76sThey love the slow ramp.