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1.63sThis is why we do what we do.
1.47s- Uh-Huh. - Ew! What the hell?
2.09sJesus! There's flies in my ice cream.
1.19sPresidential decree --
2.4sAll ice cream is now for all beings,
1.52sno matter how many legs.
1.59sWhat the fuck did you do, Summer?!
1.59sIt was your ship! Your stupid ship did it!
1.7s- Don't blame my ship! - It melted a child!
1.93sMy ship doesn't do anything unless it's told to!
1.63sI don't want to hear it, Summer!
2.03sYour boobs are all hanging about,
1.87sand you ruined ice cream with your boobs out.
1.66sAnd don't even try to deny it, either.