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1.19sWhat are you doing, Rick?
1.66sI'm pretty sure the battery's dead.
1.3sOh, you think so, huh, Morty?
1.59sWell, let's see.
2.33sHey, wait -- Huh? I don't get it,
2.23sOf course you don't. But Zeep did.
1.52sHe knew that once I got back to my car,
1.83sone of two things was gonna happen --
2.03sI was gonna have to toss a broken battery,
2.8sor the battery wouldn't be broken.
3.83sPeace among worlds, Rick.
1.59sYeah. Listen to that baby purr.
1.59sYou were right, Marty --
1.52sWe really just needed to be honest with those guys.
1.19sAll right, here we go.
1.73sThank y-o-o-ou.
1.76sSee, Morty? This is what it's all about.
1.63sThis is why we do what we do.
1.47s- Uh-Huh. - Ew! What the hell?
2.09sJesus! There's flies in my ice cream.
1.19sPresidential decree --
2.4sAll ice cream is now for all beings,
1.52sno matter how many legs.
1.59sWhat the fuck did you do, Summer?!
1.59sIt was your ship! Your stupid ship did it!
1.7s- Don't blame my ship! - It melted a child!