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1.3s- Hey, Zeep. - Huh?
2.66sHappy Ricksgiving, biiiiiitch.
1.43sWe did it, Marty,
1.9sNow let's get out of here and destroy this whole universe.
1.33sExcuse me?
1.99s...five -- Sir?
1.7s- Holy hell. - Sir!
1.13sHold your fire!
1.43sWhat's going on?
3.8sFEMALE VC)ICE: ihave brokered a peace agreement between the giant spiders and the government,
3.37sThanks to the skilled diplomacy ofthis mysterious space car,
4.8sfrom this day forward, human and spiderkind will live side by side in peace.
1.7sWe will stop bombing them,
4.44sand they will no longer use their telepathic abilities to make us wander into webs for later consumption.
4.04sInstead, we will work together to make this world a better place for all,
2.23sno matter how many legs.
2.13sWhat do we do about the space car?
1.3sLeave it alone.
1.59sI mean, what did it really do, anyways?
1.26sKill a guy and paralyze his buddy?
2.8sNot a bad trade for spider peace.