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1.26sAaaah! Oof!
0.68sHold still.
1.76sOh, hey, guys.
2.53sI just finished cooking us a feast.
1.7s- Aaaah! - Holy --
2.23s- You monster! - Whoa. Bad tour.
1.49sHey, you gotta sign out.
2.33sNothing you do matters! Your existence is a lie!
3.6sIf that were really true, then...
0.19sI'm here to see Ron Mendleson.
1.97sThird floor.
1.63sWould you like to go to dinnerwith --
1.59sUh, no.
1.97sYou may have created this universe, Rick,
2.56sbut I live in it, Shit!
1.76sWhat are we gonna do, Rick? We're so screwed.
1.73sHe's gonna get to the ship and smash the microverse,
1.49sand then he's gonna kill us!
1.59sQuick, Morty, you've got to turn into a car.
1.59s- What?! - A long time ago-,